ICSI – Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection

At times an IVF procedure might be combined with an ICSI procedure. Hence if your doctor recommends this procedure it helps to have a clear understanding of why is this procedure required and how is it conducted.

 Why do I have to do it?

The reason why your doctor will suggest you to go in for an ICSI procedure is related to fertilization. For pregnancy to occur, fertilization of the egg by a sperm is a pre requisite. In case this process is hampered due to any reason then pregnancy cannot happen. This fertilization process can be hampered by any of the following two reasons’s relating to male infertility conditions:

Causes for the aforementioned situation:

ICSI procedure is generally recommended when the male partner faces any of the under mentioned infertility conditions:

ICSI may also be recommended if during an IVF procedure, there are issue with the egg namely:


The procedure for ICSI is same as that for IVF. The egg retrieval procedure is conducted similarly. Medication is followed by monitoring, which is followed by laparoscopic surgery for retrieval of the egg. 

The sperm retrieval procedure might be same (retrieved by ejaculation) of different, based on the case of the patient.

These sperm retrieval procedure might be conducted before the egg retrieval to ensure that the sperms are available at the right time. The sperms collected before are frozen and stored for using them at the time of fertilization procedure.

Once both the egg and the sperm are in place, the doctors will then isolate one sperm, and inject it into 1 of the retrieved eggs.

After this the same procedure as IVF is followed again. The eggs are monitored and then transfer into the uterus. Following which the patient is monitored for early signs of pregnancy.