As Infertility is related to reproduction, it is imperative to understand how human reproductive process works. This will aid in better understanding the reasons and underlying causes of infertility.

Female Reproductive System:

Main ComponentsFallopian tube


Male Reproductive System:

Main Components


If the sexual penetration is timed rightly, the mature egg meets the sperms while it is in the fallopian tube. From amongst the many million sperms, one of the sperm might fertilize the egg. This fertilized egg is then known as embryo and is the starting point of your baby. This embryo now travels through the fallopian tube and implants itself in the engorged uterus lining.  This is the start of a pregnancy. Once implanted here. The embryo will grow here, go through the various stages of development and finally anchor into the uterus to grow into your own wonder, a beautiful baby of your own.

Now that we know the reproductive process and its various participants, we are in a better position to understand, what can go wrong, and what can cause infertility problems amongst a couple.